Cordless Deep Conditioning Warmth Cap – Microwavable Warmth Cap for Steaming, Warmth Remedy Cap for Hair, Flaxseed Seed Inside for Most Warmth Retention (Leopard Print)


Our Deep Conditioning Heat Cap are thoughtfully made with functionality, convenience, and comfort in mind. Perfect for at home treatment, spas, and professional hair salons.

COMFORT: Made with soft microfiber cotton, cotton, and nylon you can rest assured this cap is gentle to the head, the scalp, and edges. No bulky design.

FUNCTIONALITY: Inside each thermal hair cap contains flaxseed, a flower seed that has the ability to hold and retain heat much more effectively than other options over time reheat after reheat.

CONVENIENCE: Our cordless, lightweight design is perfect to be used while doing your everyday chores or lounging around the house. No need to be stuck in one place under a dryer, get moving with this portable option.

MICROWAVEABLE: The heat cap is engineered for repeated exposure to microwave heat.

CORDLESS: No batteries or cords are required to power the hot head deep conditioning cap, the unit is heat activated and also ecofriendly.

SIZE: The heat hair cap has an elastic band around the perimeter which allows it to fit on most all head sizes including children. It is designed to fit snug to the head for the heat to be closer to the hair.

CLEAN WAY: Hand washable only. Only spot clean when necessary. Avoid direct soaking in the water.

1* Thermal Heat Cap
1* 10-Pack of Disposable Shower Caps
10PCS Black Hair Ties
1* Storage Bag

【VERSATILE HAIRCARE SUPPORT】Our deep conditioning cap is fully functional and provides the nurturing efficiency your hair deserves. Great for natural hair to repair breakage, leave hair soft and manageable, reduces frizz. Effectively shorten the hair coloring time, and paint more evenly and firmly.
【EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION】Our unique design and placement of the linseed a.k.a. flaxseed inside each bonnet ensures heat radiating through the entire cap evenly and gently. Linseed is unique in the fact that it is one of the best options in retaining moisture and can be re-warmed time and time again.
【NON ELECTRIC】There is no need for electrical outlets or batteries! The heat cap is cordless and Simply place in MICROWAVE for a 1-2 min. Increase by a few seconds if it’s not warm enough then place the heated cap onto the head for your desired time.
【ONE SIZE FITS ALL】Equipped with an elastic rim, the heat cap retrofits itself to all head sizes. The elastic in the cap has excellent memory so it maintains form and efficiency after continuous usage. (Reusable | Ecofriendly). Free gift offer with every Gift Bag and 10-pack of disposable shower caps.
Price: $25.99
(as of Jun 10,2021 00:44:51 UTC – Details)

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