Au Natural Premium Organics Batana Oil 3.4oz / 100ml – Revitalizing Hair Care Natural Oil – Face &Body Skin Moisturizer – Thickens Hair & Repairs Split Ends



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Au Natural Premium Organics Batana Oil

Having Hair Trouble? Afford Your Hair The Care It Deserves – Starting Today!

Is your hair a limp, frizzy, frazzled, fuzzy, dry, wild, untamed, frayed, brittle, unmanageable,split-ended? Has it been damaged by bleach, coloring treatments, hot air blow dryers, hot-irons, brutal styling techniques, synthetic chemicals in commercial shampoos and conditioners, or simple age?

Would you like to try a regenerating, rejuvenating, restoring oil that will help you get your hair back in order?

Well, you’re in luck! Au Natural may just have the perfect care product for you!

Au Natural Premium Organics Revitalizing Hair Care Natural Batana Oil

Benefit From The Great Effects Of A Centuries – Old Beauty Oil Recipe

It is dark colored, and smells like burned sugar cane. But hey – you want it for how it will bring your hair back to life, not the aroma, right?

Batana Oil is extracted from the nuts of the American oil palm tree (Elaeisoleifera) by the Miskito people of La Moskitia, Honduras. They have used the oil for centuries.

Although the Miskito people work in the sun all day, their neighbors call them “Tawira,” which means People of Beautiful Hair.

Revitalizing Hair Care Natural Oil – Face &Body Skin Moisturizer

That’s because batana oil thickens and beautifies your hair, bringing out its natural vibrant shining colorand its joyous bounce.

What’s more, this amazing beauty and care oil also moisturizes and rejuvenates your skin!

Batana Oil is a solid at ordinary room temperatures, and begins melting when you scoop it up with your fingertip.

Thickens Hair & Repairs Split Ends

Common English Name: Batana oil, palm oil.

Botanical Name: Elaeis Oleifera

Plant Family: Arecaceae.

Method of Extraction: Extraction is a labor-intensive process. The nuts are washed, dried, and cracked to release the fruit. The fruit is boiled and pounded to remove the outer shell. The remaining fruit is cooked over fire to extract the oil.

Origin: La Moskita, Honduras.

Plant Description: A tall palm tree which produces a small amount of fruit each year – from which a limited amount of oil is extracted.

Main Chemical Components: Fatty acids, toctrienols (Vitamin E family).

Blends Well With: Other carrier oils; essential oils.

Uses: Aging skin, damaged skin, dry skin, dry hair, damaged hair.

Fun Fact: Used by the indigenous people of La Moskita as a body and hair moisturizer.

Cautions for Use: None known.

FORGET ABOUT SPLIT ENDS: Not only does this great hair beauty oil mend split ends, it also moisturizes dry and brittle hair, tames the fuzzy wuzzies, and adds body.
GREAT NOURISHING EFFECT: Batana oil’s high levels of essential fatty acids regenerate your hair and scalp by stimulating the follicles, providing nourishment like no other oil does.
NATURAL HAIR DYE: In addition to the rest of its beneficial effects, batana oil can also help you cover white hairs! Batana oil acts as a natural dye, and repeated applications turns hair brownish.
100% NATURAL BEAUTY FORMULA: When it comes to our Au Natural Organics facial &body skin care products, we make a point of using nothing but exclusively natural ingredients. What’s more, our batana oil comes with a 30-day full satisfaction or your money back guarantee.


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