Wild Progress Full Hair Progress System Contains Hair Oil four oz. + Mild Oil Moisturizer four oz. + Utility Brush and Tail Comb


Wild Growth Hair Oil’s growth protection nutrition formula is good for African and non African (ex. Asian, Caucasian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Native American etc.) and has natural non-clogging leave-in conditioning properties. Wild Growth Hair Oil has an uncompromisingly rich soft texturizing formula which keeps the hair in soft manageable condition with a good degree of moisture for breakage protection. This natural softening is also good for the scalp for improving energy flow and by providing the necessary pliability at the roots so that growth rather than breakage is facilitated by more movement. Wild Growth Hair Oil is a natural hair growth protector, strengthener, and texturizer and moisturizer. Only plant based biologically friendly ingredients (mostly food grade) are used. Wild Growth Hair Oil which detangles and gives a rich texture to hair is a post-wash (applied sparingly on slightly damp, not wet hair) and in between washings (applied sparingly on slightly damp or dry hair) only product. In addition to growth protection, Wild Growth Hair Oil imparts fullness, bounce, body, life, silkiness, hair that is mane-like (flowing with movement and contouring or cascading when still), and a healthy look and feel. Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer is ideal for hair growth protection and protection. Few drops are required for never before achieved longer and thicker hair, eye brow, lash and growth protection. Prevents dryness by holding moisture for extended periods and provides glide-through grooming without breakage. Use in shampoo or as co-wash and on wet hair for added growth protection. Wet, damp or dry hair conditioning. Completes 24/7 growth protection, maintenance and protection when used with Wild Growth Hair Oil. Light bodied, highly lubricating, scalp debris disintegrating/freshening, colorless with a natural deodorizing scent. Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer will provide protection for hair.

Hair Oil Ingredients: Oils of Coconut, Olive Oil, Jojoba, Rice Bran, Cocoa (Butter), Acerola , Pomegranate , Rosehip , and Pumpkin Seed. Extracts of Mushroom, Chick Pea, Lentil, Cocoa Mass, and Sesame seed. Essential oils Of Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lavender and Peppermint.
Light Oil Moisturizer Oils of Coconut, Olive, Castor (USP), Jojoba, Safflower, Rice Bran, Flax seed, Roman Chamomile , Evening Primrose, Carrot, Pumpkin, Black Cumin seed, Grape seed, and Noni. Essential oils of Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lavender and Peppermint.
Hairdoodle Tail Comb – Use our comb to brush and detangle your hair after applying Wild Growth Hair Oil onto damp hair. The comb will help in spreading the Hair Oil evenly into your damp or dry hair.
Hairdoodle Application Brush – Use the brush to spread the Hair Oil thoroughly into your scalp and hair during damp or dry application.
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